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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday - Places Visited

My love of travelling was instilled early - when I was ten my father took a position with a university in Heidelberg, Germany for a year and we went travelling almost every weekend during that year.

Top Ten Places I Have Visited

10 - Prince Edward Island. I only spent three days (including travel days) there at the annual general meeting of Friends of the Earth taking minutes (I was the secretary/admin assitant there for six months). It was gorgeous. The meeting was at a hotel on the beach (red sand!) and Charlottetown is a very pretty little city. My main regret aside from not having more time there was not being able to go see the Anne of Green Gables house.

9 - Montreal. Does it count as visiting if you lived there? I'm going to count it because I have been back several times as a tourist. Montreal is gorgeous. It feels very European between the french and all the immigrants. It's got an amazing old town - stuff from the first settlers still standing. Mount Royal is gorgeous. There's a street full of ethnic stores and restaurants. Poutine, Steak Frites and smoked meat add yum to it.

8 - Denmark. My mother is Danish and we visited several times while living in Germany. My favorite was the summer we went to Jutland to visit her uncle. Jutland is the tip of Denmark where two different oceans meet, which is amazing to see and even more so to straddle in the water. My sister and I don't speak Danish and my Uncle spoke very little English. That didn't stop him from taking the two of us alone one morning to see the sights and with his tiny bit of English and our tiny bit of Danish and a LOT of gesturing, he showed us the sights, the history etc. And then we went to the store and he filled an entire cart with chips, candy and other junk food. We each had two grocery bags to ourselves worth of stuff.

7 - Russia, especially St. Petersburg. It was Leningrad when I was there from Dec 26 to early January. It was a university trip put on by the language department and I did two semesters of Russian. St Petersberg was beautiful and I discovered Opera (that I liked, as well as Opera that I didn't) while there. Moscow and Kiev were also great, but I liked Leningrad the best.

6 - Paris. The city of love. There's so much history there and tons of places to eat in little alleys as well as the main roads. It's a beautiful city. It's a delicious city. I would love to go back as an adult (I visited while we were living in Germany.)

5 - Nova Scotia. This is the province (in Canada) where I was born. It's rugged and beautiful. I love the beaches - there is something about waves that soothes me deep down. The water is cold on the Atlantic, but totally awesome. I could see myself living in the middle of nowhere there on the beach. As long as I could get wifi ;)

4 - New Mexico. Yes, this one gets this close to number 1 on the list because it's where my BFF and her wife live. But I get to go every year and admire the Sanditas mountains, visit old town in Albuquerque, and some years go to Santa Fe. It's bright and beautiful.

3 - Heidelberg, Germany. Maybe it's cheating because we lived there for a year. We lived in Schlierbach, a suburb of Heidelberg. School was from 8am - 1pm and in the afternoons we used to go and walk along the side of the mountain to the castle, which was deserted but for locals during the fall and winter months. When spring came along, we were totally unimpressed with all the tourists in our castle.

2 - Australia. Turned 25 in Melbourne, spent it driving along the Great Ocean Road to see the 12 apostles and other amazing views. Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach in Sydney, Hyde Park in Sydney, the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, Canberra, tons of beach. The only thing I didn't like was the heat and humidity combo which sucked, but I was there at the worst time of year for it.

1 - New Zealand. I was there when I was 24 for about two months and loved everything about my trip to New Zealand. From going to the northern tip and watching the oceans come together, to going bungy jumping on the South Island. The people are wonderful and the scenery is gorgeous. I would go back on a regular basis if I could.

This post has made me very nostalgic!!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sneak Peek Sunday

I have two self-pubs coming out this week. These are both reprints that were with a now-defunct publisher. I think the new covers for them rock.

Look for these to come out with Evil Plot Bunny and Amazon.

Winter's Gift

Badly disfigured, Geoff lives alone in the woods with only his wolf as companion. It’s a solitary life, but one he is comfortable with. When he discovers a fairy with an injured wing at the beginning of winter, his whole ordered world is turned upside down. But will Mauve be horrified by his rescuer’s visage? Or can the fairy look beyond the scars and see into Geoff’s heart?

Originally published in the Bus Stories anthology and as a stand alone with another publisher.

Flying With Dragons

Having annoyed the council, Grunk is assigned the job of Director of Human/Dragon Relations. Unfortunately for Grunk, he hates the city, he'd rather be in his dragon form than his human one, and he already hates the job even though it’s only his first day.

Then he meets his assistant, Kyfan, and he's instantly smitten. When he finds out that Kyfan has never really flown and rarely spends any time in his dragon form, Grunk is shocked and insists on changing that, immediately. After all, flying with the lovely Kyfan's way better than sitting behind his desk in his office.

It turns out that Kyfan is a lovely little dragon and once they've flown together, Grunk knows that they share a bond and he prepares to make his claim. The fact that it's going to annoy the council is only a bonus.

Originally released with another publisher. 

Happy Sunday to all!

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Smutterday - Blowing Smoke

Here's another smutty excerpt - this one from the newly re-released Blowing Smoke.

Do dragons have soul mates?

Brinley Adams is pleased to get a job as assistant to elusive and reclusive billionaire Lindrom Drage. That the job requires him to live in the man’s home in the country is only a bonus. While he’s not exactly running away, he’s trying to leave behind a crazy, stalking ex, and Drage’s isolated home might be just the place to hide.

Lindrom Drage, known at home as Dragon, just wants an assistant who works out for longer than a month or two. He’s already gone through several in the last year, and he wants someone who can do the job and put up with his refusal to deal with anything that takes him out of his home. But when he meets Brin, he suddenly wants so much more than just a work assistant.

Brin doesn’t know his boss is actually a dragon. The trick is going to be convincing Brin that neither of them is crazy, and that not only are dragons real, so are soul mates.

Blowing Smoke is available through Evil Plot Bunny and Amazon.

Smutty Excerpt:

“Come here,” he murmured, wanting Brin in his lap.

“Come...” Brin sounded dazed, and Dragon had to smile. He didn’t have the gift to daze and confuse others, but he could call to someone and draw them successfully if the potential for a bond was there.

“Right here.” Dragon patted his lap. He wasn’t being coy at all—he wasn’t the type for that.

“This is very irregular, Sir.” Nonetheless, Brin came right to his side.

“I’m not your regular boss. I’m not your regular anything.”

Brin’s gaze was caught in his own, and the boy licked his lips enticingly before speaking. “No, Sir.”

Dragon put his arm around Brin and drew him right down to straddle his thighs. Once he had Brin there, he discovered that Brin’s sweet ass fit perfectly in his palms. Dragon held on, bringing their lips together and breathing into Brin.

Brin groaned, the sound filling Dragon’s lungs and increasing his need, feeding it. He rolled Brin forward, their cocks pushing together, only their slacks keeping them apart. He swore he could feel the heat of them almost as if they were both naked.

His boy arched and ground them together, their cocks so hard together. Dragon hadn’t expected such boldness so soon, and he moaned loudly, revelling in it. It was a perfect start, the best beginning.

Brin stopped suddenly, shaking his head. “What am I doing?”

“Following your instincts.” Dragon would bet a hefty sum that Brin did that a lot less than Dragon did. He also thought Brin would have so much more fun if he did it more often.

“Following...” Brin blinked for him. “You’re burning up.”

He frowned. “What do you mean?” He didn’t see how Brin’s thoughts connected.

“Your skin. You’re so hot. It feels like magic.”

“Oh!” He’d forgotten that humans weren’t as naturally warm as he was. “Yes, I run hot. I’m glad you like it.”

Brin blinked as the wireless earphone buzzed again, signalling another phone call. Dragon could see Brin slowly beginning to draw away from him, the distraction clear.

Dragon growled. “That thing is a menace.” If there wasn’t an earphone plugged right into Brin, then they could just ignore the call.

“Yes. Yes, but that’s what you need me for,” Brin pointed out.

“You could let the answering machine get this one.” And the next and the next and the one after that, too. Dragon didn’t have a problem with that.

“You... you’re the boss...” Brin noted.

Indeed, he most certainly was. Which put him in the driver’s seat. “Which means what I say goes.” He liked that. “Why don’t you take the ear thing out and let the calls go to the answering machine for the next...” Year? Would that be long enough that his urge to explore and be with Brin would have backed off a little? He settled on “—little while.” Mostly because he was pretty sure a year wouldn’t be long enough at all. Possibly two or three lifetimes was a better idea.

He tugged at the Bluetooth earpiece, doing his best not to just yank it out and toss it across the room. He didn’t want to hurt his boy, after all. Dragon set the thing on the soundboard, then touched Brin’s ear, stroking the edge.

“Poor abused flesh.” He cupped Brin’s head and turned it slightly so he could lick and nibble at the earlobe in question.

“Oh!” Brin jerked, eyes huge, the gasp shockingly loud.

Was it a sweet spot, or had he simply surprised Brin? Dragon licked again, then blew across the area. Brin’s belly tightened, the muscles jerking hard. Groaning Dragon took the lobe right in and sucked on it vigorously. Then he bit, hard.

Brin bucked so hard, he almost lost his seat. Dragon grabbed a tighter hold of Brin’s ass, tugging him in close as he bit again.

“You. You bit me,” Brin accused, eyes wide, mouth open for each breath that panted out.

“I did. I’m going to do it again. Probably a lot.” He liked biting. Judging by the heavy cock against his body, Brin liked it, too.

Dragon wriggled them together, loving the way their bodies moved against each other. Brin stared at him, eyes huge, wide. Desire was written over Brin’s face, and Dragon aimed to keep it there.

He kept them moving, rolling, and pressing, holding tight to the gorgeous ass. The beast within him growled deep, rushing up to the surface. Brin moaned at the sound he’d made, and Dragon smiled, feeling feral, wild. Fierce. He roared when Brin touched his belly, stroked his nipples.

“Yes, boy. Touch me.”

Brin pinched him, squeezing his nips so slowly. He gasped, pleased. Brin was doing so well. Who knew that the shy, demure man would have responded so eagerly? He imagined Brin had never dreamed this would happen.

The pressure eased up, Brin’s touches smoothing over his flesh now, so gentle.

“Don’t stop,” Dragon ordered.

“No?” Brin squeezed again, nice and slow.

“God, no.” His voice was rough, his need pressing up against Brin.

Brin tugged again, so easily, so gently. Dragon’s nipples felt like they were extremely sensitive, and he couldn’t wait to feel all this without any of their clothes on. That would have to wait until Brin was ready, though. He had the feeling that wouldn’t take too long, but if he pushed too soon… He just needed to make sure his boy stayed on the same page as he was without overwhelming Brin.

Dragon slid one of his hands between them and rubbed Brin’s nipples through his shirt, too. The tiny bits were stiff and hard, his boy arching against him, sweet as pie. Humming, he tried to get a stronger hold so he could pinch, but between the slippery material of Brin’s shirt and his thick fingers, he was having trouble getting a grip. That seemed altogether unfair.

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Smutterday - Healing Fire

It's Smutterday here on the blog. Today I'm sharing a smutty excerpt from Healing Fire, which I just re-released as a self-pub today.

What will it take for a dragon prince to defy his father and fly on his own? 

Prince Jules, the least favorite of the Dragon King's children, lives simply, banished to his rooms and the amazing adventures found in his books. He has never left the palace or shifted into his dragon form…he's never done anything.

Dragon shifter Lem is assigned to Jules as the prince's new bodyguard, and is determined to keep Jules safe from the Graithen, who killed the prince’s previous guardian. Lem grows to hate how the King hides Jules away, and longs to show him how to fly. His love for Jules also grows but it is forbidden, like so much in Jules' life.

When the Graithen attack again, though, everything changes.

Healing Fire is available on Evil Plot Bunny or Amazon.

Smutty Excerpt:

Jules was going to have to call a physician. There were powders that you mixed with milk to assure that your baser urges did not overtake you. He’d discovered himself with an erection for three mornings in a row now. It was quite ridiculous.

Lem brought him a tray of fruit and a bowl of gruel sprinkled with sugar. “It’s delicious!” Lem licked his lips. “I hope you’re hungry this morning.”

Jules nodded, but he really only wanted the bites of sweet, ripe fruit. “You’ll have to share it.”

Lem nodded. “It would be my pleasure.” Lem sat and looked at him expectantly.

Jules chose a bite of fruit and told his body to stop being odd.

“You’re not sitting with me?” Lem asked. It sounded as if he was disappointed.

“Yes. Yes. My body is offensive right now. I will see the physician later and ask her to help me.”

Lem tilted his head. “Your body is not offensive to me.”

“No? I have... a swelling.” He could feel the color in his cheeks.

“A swelling? Where?” The tray of food was set aside, Lem beginning to examine him.

“It’s an offensive swelling. You shouldn’t look. There’s a medicine for it.” He did his best not to drop his hands to his crotch as that would only bring attention to his condition.

Lem’s eyes suddenly widened. “This?” Lem asked, fingertips sliding on his heavy cock.

Jules nodded, breath catching as the swelling got worse. Oh. Oh, dear. This wouldn’t do.

“This is not a bad thing, Jules. It’s... a healthy need.” Lem’s fingers wrapped around his swollen flesh. “Have you never come before?”

“No. No. I took the medicine for eons and then Mabon said there was no need.” He blinked down, staring at the odd sight of the shaft pushing from between his legs.

Lem began to move his hand along Jules’ hardness, sliding up and down.

“Lem? Lem, it is not shrinking.” And it should have hurt, but it didn’t. It didn’t hurt at all.

“No, you have to come first.” Lem continued moving his hand. It felt... it felt good.

“Come where?” Oh, he didn’t want this to stop. He was being petted. By Lem. And it felt so very good, not like a bad thing at all.

“That’s what it’s called when you spend.”

“I’m not allowed. What if they take my books?” What if they took Lem? Jules tried very hard not to panic, but it was becoming difficult not to.

“They will never know.” Lem didn’t stop, not at all. He just kept pulling, and it got bigger, better.

“Lem? Lem, my belly...” It felt so tight.

“Does it feel good, Jules?” Lem’s gaze met his own.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. Am I sick? I never swelled until you.”

“You’re not sick. And you make me swell, too.”

“I do? I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It doesn’t hurt. Does this hurt?” Lem continued stroking him.

“No...” No, it felt forbidden, secret. He’d read about the act of mating, but he hadn’t experienced anything like this. He’d been a child when he’d first felt the swelling, and that had been the sign it was time for his medication.

“Then let me give you this pleasure, Jules.”

“Pleasure.” He’d assumed it only worked with your own mate and that was why it was stopped if you didn’t have one - to avoid unnecessary acts.

Lem nodded, smiling at him, looking almost as if he was the one receiving pleasure.

Jules sighed softly, tongue flicking out to wet his lips. Lem’s tongue echoed his, and the very tip of it flicked across his shaft. Jules’ breath caught, that tiny flash of heat making him sparkle.

“Jules?” Lem looked up at him, eyes wide.

“Your tongue.” The pleasure. God, the pleasure. Better even than the hand that stroked him so wonderfully.

Lem carefully stuck his tongue out again and licked across the top of Jules’ swelling. He whimpered softly, and his legs kicked out restlessly.

Lem backed off again immediately. “Did I hurt you?”

“No. No. Please, my heart.” This was not pain, not even close.

Lem’s nostrils flared, and he made a soft sound. Then he leaned back in to kiss the top of Jules’ shaft, hand squeezing tight around it. A storm built inside Jules, wild and sharp and fierce as Lem stroked and licked him, eyes flashing up to him again and again.

“Help me.” That was Lem’s lot in life, right? To help him? And surely he needed help with this. It grew bigger and bigger, and he didn’t know what to do.

“Yes, my prince. Always.” Lem moved his hand faster and wrapped hot lips around the head of Jules’ shaft.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head, his hips slamming up, as a rush of unbelievable energy flooded him. Lem swallowed around his shaft, then began to suck vigorously.

Jules’ dragon screamed, calling for freedom. Lem kept sucking, as if trying to pull it from him. He jammed his fist in his mouth, trying to force the noises back. The sensations continued to grow.

For a bright, terrifying second, Jules wavered between his beast form and his human form. Then the pressure exploded from him, pouring from his penis. Lem swallowed and swallowed around him, drinking down every drop that pushed out of him.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rambles on a Thursday

I know I haven't been around all that much lately. I have had so many edits in the last few weeks, that I've had my head down and am just trucking through them for the most part. It has kept me busy. I still have a third of the way to go on the longest and deepest of the edits and I have three others in the to be done pile.

I finally received payment for Toruqere's 3rd quarter 2015 - that's right 2015. I have finally gotten payment on the check that bounced and I had to go to Arkansas' AG. It's only a year and two months past when I should have been paid and I never would have seen a penny of it if I hadn't gone to the Bounced Check Department in Arkansas. The lady running that department was a star. Thank you very much to her. Now if only I had any recourse to recover 4th quarter 2015, 1st quarter 2016 and 2nd quarter 2016 royalties also owed to me by Torquere. If only she'd bounced checks for those too instead of just not paying me...

I'm working on getting all the books orphaned by All Romance Ebooks back up. I hate that everything is reprints right now in my self-pub world instead of new books. But there's a bunch of books who no longer have a home that I have to get back out there. I'm trying to mark everything clearly so readers know to check and make sure they don't already have a book that's a reprint before purchasing.

Speaking of ARE and repubbing - Amazon is being a dick about the two books I'm trying to put up. I'm used to having to jump through a hoop to confirm I am the copyright holder, or have the rights to publish the book, but this time they made me go through double hoops with both books. That's called adding insult to injury.

I went to my first in person hockey game on Tuesday. I have to admit, I was bored. It disappointed me greatly, because I was hoping for excitement and fun. I left halfway through the second period to avoid the crowds. I know it's 'our' game, but I've never been much into sports, aside from a couple years as a teen when I was the biggest Expos fan going (baseball). I love the Olympics, but otherwise I tend to be totally non-sports watching.

I am feeling nibbly, but I don't know what I want to nibble on. Totally hate that.

Okay, break time is over.

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Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my dog. There is nothing like the unconditional love a dog offers. No one is ever as happy to see me as my dog when I come home - even if I've only been gone for a couple minutes because I had to return home for something forgotten. He is the reason I get two walks a day in. He is the one who greets me with a wagging butt and a begging for a good morning petting every morning.

He makes me happy every single day.

Bacon, I love you!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

There's a little ficlet featuring the Making it Work mannies, Park and Rand, over on the Cafe Risque blog today. And I offer you a few yummies here.

Get 10% off your purchase at Evil Plot Bunny today with the code vday2017. All the Mannies books are now available there and I am slowly getting my backlist of self-published titles up.

Also, Dreamspinner has a 25% storewide sale on - no code needed and it's on until Feb 18.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today and all days!

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